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To mark Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM), National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF), the peak not-for-profit body funding breast cancer research in Australia, is launching #BREASTfast encouraging Australians to fuel the NBCF’s life-saving breast cancer research for the cost of breakfast.

When the National Breast Cancer Foundation approached and asked if we'd be open to supporting them this year to help raise awareness and funds to kick Breast Cancer’s butt to the curb for good, it was the best way to get in bed with some of our fave women without being overly creepy!

We've profiled how nine of our fave women start their day and while some may wake before sunrise for an early-morning solo coffee sesh, others are wrangling their kids out of bed and off to school. 

So, who are we waking up with?

Business Chicks' new CEO, Gemma O'Neill; authors, podcasters and power duo, Lise and Sarah; coach, entrepreneur and public speaker, Yemi Penn; award-winning Author, speaker, life coach and podcaster, Erika Cramer; certified, award-winning holistic life coach, holistic counsellor, consultant, and wellbeing facilitator, Yolanda Finette; the National Breast Cancer Foundation CEO, Associate Professor Cleola Anderiesz; the CEO of Professionals Real Estate Group Australia and Diamond Partner of the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Katherine Gonzalez-Cork; and Priscilla Hajiantoni, the Founder & CEO of Bangn Body and  Corporate Partner of the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

*Buzzzzz* What time is your alarm (or small child/cat/email) waking you up?  

Gemma: The alarm goes off at 6 am although I don’t always make it to 6 am if the dog comes in or one of the kids! 

Yemi: My alarm is at 5.45 am but Lord knows I am playing a joke on myself as I don’t physically get out of bed till about 7 am unless I have a meeting in a different time zone. 

Lise: 6:30 am alarm for me, 6:45 am for the kids. In summer, I find myself naturally waking around 5:45 am but I’m not a monster, so I just lay there, prone, until I have to get up. I’m productive like that.

Sarah: No alarm for me. After years of getting out of bed at 2.45 am for work, the sound of my gently chiming phone alarm nowadays incites a level of rage not unlike a neighbour mowing before 7 am on a weekend. Only if it’s absolutely necessary will I set a wake-up time. It’s my way of rebellion. At the moment, I wake thanks to the cuckoos and plovers in my ‘hood screeching like they’re being murdered.

Erika: My sleep app alarm gets me up at 5:45 am three times a week to go training. But first I have to sneak out of bed so I don’t wake my kids up because I am co-sleeping with my babies in the bed...who are not babies anymore! 

Yolanda: No alarm for me, my body clock automatically wakes me between 5.30 and 6 am  

Cleola: Alarm at 6.05 am – an odd time I know, but I am always awake before the alarm goes off! 

Katherine: I wake up at 6 am 

Priscilla: I am definitely a night owl, so 7 am is normally when my alarm goes off.  

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

Gemma: Make a cup of tea (can’t start my day without one) and then meditate for 20 mins.  

Yemi: I have some inner dialogue with myself, which involves convincing myself that doing 20 mins of transcendental meditation lying down is better than not doing it at all.  

Lise: Dressing gown and socks on, pad through the house, pop on the kettle and have a cup of coffee ALONE on the verandah. It’s possibly my favourite part of the day. Then I’ll tackle lunchboxes with the enthusiasm of a dishcloth.

Sarah: Take my retainer out. It’s by far the most disgusting part of my day.

Erika: I check my sleep app ... and run to the toilet as we all do because we all need to pee in the morning!  

Yolanda: I usually just lay, breathe and contemplate the day ahead  before 3 quick steps - ground, gratitude and setting my intention for the day  

Cleola: Lie in bed and wonder why I am awake before the alarm has rung! Then turn on the coffee machine, make the lunches, and prepare breakfast.  

Katherine: Try to wake up my daughter (first try of the morning) on my way to the kitchen to make my morning coffee & then check with my son if he has Uni that day. Try another 3 times to wake my daughter up. 

Priscilla: I normally snooze or try to snooze my alarm before the 7am 'get up now Priscilla' happens, then I'm running to the shower, pop Bangn Body all over, a little bit of concealer, blush and then I’m out the door.  

Are you guilty of the morning scroll on your smartphone?

Gemma: Unfortunately I am a little! I usually check my phone for messages after I meditate and check for urgent emails/news but I’m trying to get better at not doing this until after breakfast.

Yemi: My name is Yemi Penn and I am guilty of the morning scroll ... in my defence, I have family and business in the UK so I create this excuse to scroll before the UK and parts of Africa head to bed #jesustakethewheel 

Lise: Absolutely. How basic of me. Instagram and emails. I won’t necessarily action anything, but I find it strangely motivating.

Sarah: Yes, I scroll, but I feel no guilt. Plenty of other domestic things to feel guilty about (like leaving wet washing in the machine so long it has to be re-washed), but catching up on news and socials over my morning cuppa ain’t one of them.

Erika: No, I can’t do the morning scroll. I normally order a coffee on my coffee app, run down and pick it up and then I’m on my way! 

Yolanda: I definitely have created boundaries around this, but occasionally I am guilty 

Cleola: Guilty as charged! Scroll through emails, then scroll through national news, international news and social media. Multi-tasking while the coffee machine kicks into gear.  

Katherine: Unfortunately, yes, I always will check work emails first thing. 

Priscilla: I try to wake up without scrolling, but sometimes I do quickly check my emails before getting out of bed

Are you a shower in the morning kinda gal?

Gemma: Oh yes! I need a shower to start the day and I also find I’m most creative in the shower so I’ll use the shower time to think of ideas and get excited about the day ahead (and enjoy my last moments of peace before I wake up the kids for school).

Yemi: During summer, yes, during winter it’s a no please and thank you from me, too darn cold. 

Lise: Nope. I’m a get-your-gym-gear-on-before-you-flake-out kinda gal. Once my boys are off to school (bus or dad drop-off) I head to the gym. It’s a love-hate relationship, but I have a core group of people I’ve met there who hold me accountable, make it fun, and troll me on messenger if I don’t show up.

Sarah: First, before being a ‘morning’ or ‘night’ person, we must first deduce whether you’re a shower or a bath person. Me? I choose to soak in the tub every night until I prune – at least 45 minutes. The idea of a morning shower offends me – so quick and fervent – although perhaps I could do a morning bath…if I set an alarm.

Erika: I’m a shower in the nighttime girl. 

Yolanda: Yes! Love my morning shower while listening to music or a podcast

Cleola: Shower in both the morning and evening – indulgent I know, but it’s where I do my best thinking!  

Katherine: Always in the evening, helps me sleep.

Priscilla: Absolutely! Need my morning refresh and it also helps me wake up without the need for a coffee hit before 8 am.  

If you'd like to help say a huge BYE FELICIA to breast cancer for good, you can make a donation here.

Now if you need us, we're heading back to bed!


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