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And the only risks to the mother may come from lying flat on her back, which might make her feel dizzy, along with the discomfort of having a full bladder, he said. Another reason that can be triggering the pain is the sperm itself. Expectant parents who want their child's sex to remain a secret until birth are in the minority, said Dr. Urinating will help in flushing out bacteria from the urethra. Whether a baby will be a boy or a girl is determined at the time of conception, long before most women even realize they are pregnant.

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There may be some truth to the idea that fetal heart rate could be a clue.

Am I Having a Boy or Girl? — Ultrasound & Sex Prediction

Video length 1 minute 51 seconds 1: TNN Last updated on - Apr 14, Share this: To prevent bacteria and relieving your uterus from sperm irritation, take shower after sex. It may be used in women when there is an increased risk of chromosomal abnormalities, such as in older mothers, he said. Until the 14th week of pregnancy, baby boys and girls look exactly the same on ultrasound, Carr said.


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