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Adolescents who claim that religion is somewhat important to them are almost half as likely to be technical virgins as those who say religion is not important at all. Vital and Health Statistics. Since first having sex almost 12 years ago, I've lost myself in so many ways — from my peace of mind to my vulnerability and self-respect — at one point or another in my life. More than 2. The character of such religious sexual scripts, then, becomes important for our understanding of technical virginity. Shop now. I'm enjoying rebuilding myself and my soul to be whole again and open to love in ways that I never even knew that I could be.

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When he pulled away, she groaned softly.

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Losing Your Virginity at a Young Age

Alice is not na ve, just inexperienced. The average technical virgin has no moral objection to vaginal intercourse, he argues, and the phenomenon is noted more readily among mainline Protestant and Jewish adolescents—traditionally some of the least religious and most economically advantaged young people Smith and Denton ; Pyle I thought it was a dream! Release 9. He agrees to terms. ABC of adolescence: We find that there are three common motivations:

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