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As a teen, I started down a path of destruction and eventually hit rock bottom. By 24, my life was reckless and I was an intravenous drug addict looking for the fastest and furthest escape from a childhood filled with rage and abuse. Our hope is that every Teen Challenge resident will become a productive member of society. I went from partying only on weekends to becoming a full-fledged addict to pain pills. Scientists Reawaken Cells from a 28,yr-old Woolly Mammoth. Follow Follow Follow. They wrapped it up in plastic to keep it wet and they sent us an email.

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My life has been drastically transformed.

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It seems that the student had come across a inch bone that belonged to a junior mastodon—and some of its teeth were still intact. John CC BY 2. Both the Mastodons and the Woolly Mammoths went extinct by about 10, years ago, which was shortly after the last Ice Age. The owners then donated the jaw and related bones to the UI Paleontology Repository, but they did so anonymously. Photo by James St.

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