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Member Online Meet-Up 10/10

We created these meet-ups as a way to feel connected and to meet people we might not know otherwise. The idea of these virtual meet-ups is to share any useful information we’re uncovering, help each other, and more than anything, just see how much positivity and calmness we can draw from one another. Your session will be facilitated by Business Chicks team members and our promise is that they’ll be interesting, uplifting, and as with everything Business Chicks does – leave you feeling better than when you started.

If you lean more to the introverted side and don’t feel the need to contribute anything to the conversation, that’s fine! Still jump on and take a listen and see what comes out of these attempts to bring us together when we can’t do it in person.

These meet-ups are just for our members and they’re free so jump on and register below now (you’ll need to use the email address connected to your membership to access one) and we’ll look forward to seeing your smiling face on our screens soon.

16 October

Movers + Breakers NZ 2023