Mixing up the way you work

Striking that perfect balance between your career and life balance has always been a challenge. The post-pandemic, flexible working environment has fast-tracked flexibility for many and it's proven that businesses that encourage hybrid workplaces for their employees see a high return in increased productivity, positive workplace culture, greater well-being and retention- just to name a few!

I highly value the option of flexible working and while I still feel my job is office-based, I have a varied day attending client meetings, networking, speaking and panel events to meeting with prospects face to face. Having flexibility allows me to put the washing on between calls, and stay casual even if formally dressed from the waist up and in my job role means I don’t miss out on the opportunity to represent the business.

I have always been a strong advocate of flexible working practices and working from anywhere over working from home. It's good to see the rest of the world finally catch up!

Being able to change up your environment is essentially creating a different blank canvas for your ideas, productivity and a way to create a fresh, new setting to tackle everything you need to do. So, if it feels like you’ve inadvertently created some bad habits in your usual workspace, break the routine by mixing up your surroundings to help stimulate new workflow, and good habits – even in finding new relationships and networks.

Flexible working can create complexities, but for me, flexible working is all about the individual, and what works for you.

Here are a few tips to mix up the way you work in the office.

Switch Up Your Work Environment

Try changing your scenery occasionally. Working from home is a new norm. We know that there is no one-size-fits-all approach here, so allowing us to choose a flexible work approach has helped best accommodate a range of circumstances. Teams working in different environments can focus less time and energy on typical office routines and distractions and travel time and more time on learning and focusing on customers.

Enjoy Employee Social Events

Happy hours, holiday or birthday celebrations, or any team-building events are fun ways to get out of the office and bond in a non-traditional setting. It’s a great way to boost team morale and help people bond so use them often to get people together in a non-stressful environment.

Take Short Breaks Throughout the Day

Hard to do but take time to re-energise. It only takes a moment. The human body is not designed to sit still and stare at a screen for hours. Take time to have a little bit of "me time" in the middle of your day and take care of yourself first. Give your whole being (mind, body, and soul) precisely what you need to be more focused, more productive, and save burnout.

Ask your team for Guidance

Who better to consult about what employees in your office truly need than the team themselves? If they seem to be struggling with work-life balance, ask them directly what sort of changes around the workplace may help. Process and utilise what you may hear and as a result, work together on strategies that are beneficial for everyone.

Show employees that you appreciate them

Due to the Great Resignation, employee retention has been in the spotlight more than ever, with millions of people voluntarily leaving their jobs. It’s an innate human desire to want to feel valued. Whether big or small, celebrate all company wins. I give team members shout-outs in our meetings to recognise all their hard work and try and listen more than I speak so I hear what they value. Giving small gestures of appreciation frequently, such as taking a staff member out for a coffee or saying a simple “thank you” or “great work on that project”, has become an inherent part of our company culture.

We don’t need to overcomplicate well-being. Too many people and businesses have been trapped in the intricacies of work-life balance. I hope that more employers will come to the table and encourage flexibility, with a true understanding of the benefits for all. Well-being is simply making people happier and healthier, and while there’s no guaranteed formula for that, the key is to get started!

You’ve got this. No bull.

Sharon Williams

is a personal branding expe

rt and a regular speaker to universities, graduates, experts and even high calibre CEOs. She was the first to launch her own trademarked and award-winning personal branding offering,

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