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When Beowulf next appeared in the ring he was confronted by a doppelganger of himself who revealed to Beowulf that Grendel was drugged during their legendary match. After emerging victorious, he consults the advice of his old mentor, Zane MacDougal. The wolf, Grendel's arm and wrestling techniques. Cancel Save. Zane told him not to sweat the details as he plan another match for him against a opponent that he swear will be bigger then his fight against Grendel. Beowulf lands the devastating finisher shattering the evil relic with The Hurting all in his fallen rivals name meanwhile Annie lands the end blow to Double with the evil metamorph promising to meet her again just before its own demise. The Hype mechanic is another important factor for Beowulf where the levels Max level is 3 are represented by pyrotechnics and a stream of confetti.

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In the official Steam Trading Card artwork of Beowulf, Cerebella is seen eagerly getting his autograph.

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But maybe, someday, Zemeckis' puppets will stage their own revolt and save him from himself. Daisuke Ono Japanese. The big problem is that "Beowulf," like "The Polar Express" before it, is just so damned creepy to look at. The number of actions he can perform depend on the super being used and the level he is currently on. Editor's Picks Pete Holmes on comedy, sex and God. After the hero of the title, "played" by Ray Winstone, severs the arm of Grendel Crispin Gloverthe scary, anguished creature that has been terrorizing a community of mead-swilling Danes, a comely cutie wonders aloud if all of Beowulf's strength is in his arms -- or if he's got it in his legs as well, especially the "third" one.

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