The Business of Sleep from a Baby Sleep Consultant

Did you know that 80% of children that have problems sleeping well as a baby, will still have the same problems 3-4 years later? That is years of sleep deprivation for both child and the parents! The sooner great sleep skills are taught, the easier sleep comes to a family.  

That is where I come in.  

I’m Amy Huebner, a Certified Sleep Consultant who specialises in newborns to young children. My other gig is being a mother to 3 young boys, Joel, Kayden and Jack.  

When I had my first baby, I soon came to realise how vital sleep really is. For everyone in the family! We had our struggles with sleep with our first, and soon the lack of sleep started to really take its toll. It was, however, my second baby that REALLY pushed me to my limit. I basically hit a wall with severe sleep deprivation, and I simply didn’t even recognise the person I had become. I felt like I could barely function, day after day after day. Thankfully, with support, I turned a corner.  

 Simply put, it was a basic and consistent routine, with some sleep skills thrown in, that got us over the line to start sleeping better – it changed our world, we honestly couldn’t have taken status quo for much longer. Getting great sleep each and every night, especially with the pressures of parenthood, was a total game changer.  

It was around this time that I became acutely aware of the high number of mums and dads surrounding me who were terribly sleep deprived and struggling to get their little ones to sleep well. Oddly, within the same month, Dana Obleman's team reached out to a list of Aussie Mums, letting us know that Dana was coming to Australia. Dana was the #2 sleep trainer in the US (still is!). The stars aligned, I signed up, and decided I was going to teach families to sleep well. Decision made!  

As a result, Hushabye Baby was born in 2017 and since then I have had the privilege to work with almost 1000 families, providing them with the tools, knowledge, and support to achieve great sleep for their family- That is hundreds of families that are now sleeping well!   

Known for my gentle approach, proven sleep solutions and high level of client support, my business has grown extensively over the years, and I have had the opportunity to share my ups and down of balancing family life and the life of building a small business by co-authoring a book to help others achieve in personal success, whilst also keeping a family’s well-being in mind. Helping families sleep well is a major part of this!  

Every child and family are different, hence why I take a holistic approach and my sleep support is customised. 

 The Hushabye Baby program considers child age; health and weight; milk and food intake; history and type of sleep struggles; sleep environment; sleepwear; family dynamics; and parent sensitivities. I teach families how to provide support to children learning the skill of independent sleep and develop a family routine that promotes great sleep for the whole family. In addition to tailored sleep support, the provision of ongoing sleep education to ensure great sleep stays on track is an important element of the Hushabye Baby program. 

 Sleep is a necessity to life. Just like when people eat an unhealthy diet, they become malnourished, causing their body to suffer, a lack of sleep can starve little ones of the energy they need to be happy and well adjusted. Being an advocate of this necessity of life and being able to teach families how to find this beautiful resource, is the reason why I do what I do.  If any of the above resonates, I’d love to chat and work with your family to bring out your personal best. Book in your FREE 15min sleep evaluation to get us started.  

Sleep well, Amy x 

Author Bio 

Amy is an award-winning Certified Sleep Consultant specialising in newborns to young children, known for her gentle approach, proven sleep solutions and high level of client support. This is highly regarded in the health and well-being space, and expressed in the many reviews from families she has worked with. In addition to helping close to 1000 families find good sleep, Amy is a Co-Author of a number #1 best selling book helping others to find their passion and become successful in juggling motherhood and running a family business. 




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